What is Dermpath101.com?

The Dermpath101.com educational offering is the brainchild of Dr. Clay Cockerell and Dr. Michael Morgan.  With the advances in teaching technologies and the American Board of Dermatology embracing digital reading for the dermatopathology component of the board exam, the timing is perfect to launch Dermapth101.com.  "Why waste your valuable time and money traveling to a board review or other training when we can offer a high-quality training experience from the comfort of your own home," said Michael Morgan. 

How many cases do you plan to present at the Digital Board Review?

Our goal is to have approximately 200 high-quality e-slides to read, be quizzed on, and reviewed.  All cases were personally selected by our world-class faculty and are a good representation of the cases that could be presented on the board exam.

Will the case reviews be recorded?

Yes, the entire Digital Board Review will be recorded and will be made available for all registered participants.

How long will the e-slides be available after the Digital Board Review?

The e-slides, exam, and recorded case review will be available until October 31st.  At that point, they will be taken offline so that we can begin preparations for the 2021 Digital Board Review.

Why are you charging for the Digital Board Review?

Being 2020 is the first year of the Digital Dermpath Review, we invested in technologies to offer a world-class educational event.  The modest registration fee is being applied to these start-up and ongoing maintenance costs. The Cockerell Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and any profits will be applied to future events to help offset costs.  

If I am unable to attend the Digital Board Review, can I get a refund?

With multiple weeks to look at all the e-slides and the entire case review being recorded, we hope to accommodate the busiest of schedules.  That said, if you are unable to attend, Dermpath101 will refund your amount paid minus PayPal's 3.1% service fee.